Reticulated Polyurethane Foam

Reticulated polyurethane foam is a versatile, open-cell material that is lightweight, low odor and highly resistant to mildew. It is typically used to make products that are involved in filtration, sound absorption, fluid management, wiping and padding. This family of materials features high tensile, elongation and tear characteristics. The porosity of reticulated foams is vital when designing a custom component or product. The most common Pores Per Inch (PPI) range from 10 (course), 30, 45, 60, 80 to 100 (very fine).

Exploring Foam Technology and Reticulated Filter Foam

Foam technology involves the manipulation of thousands of plastic bubbles (called cells) of precisely controlled sizes. Reticulation is a post process in foam manufacturing that removes the window membranes of the cell.

Reticulated foam can act as a filter. Filter foam is a reticulated polyurethane foam, specially adapted to air and liquid filtration, in a range of controlled cells from 10 pores per inch to 100 PPI.

Filter foam, with a medium porosity 45 PPI works as a depth loading filter, opposed to a surface loading filter, trapping dust particles within its cell structure. A coarse porosity, 10 PPI, reticulated foam is effective as a sound attenuator, scrubber pad, washable filtration media for air conditioners, furnaces, small engines and automobile air cleaners, plus many other applications.


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