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At Alpha Die Cutting, we leverage our extensive capabilities and expertise to collaborate with you in crafting top-quality products tailored to your precise needs.

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Our Die Cutting Services

Die Cutting Gaskets

Customizing solutions to your exact requirements. Our expertise ensures an optimal fit for your specific applications.

Die Cutting Manufacturing

Our experts offer precise die cutting services, accommodating a diverse array of materials. Whether for prototyping or large-scale production, we ensure quality and precision in every cut.

Contract Manufacturing

Partner with us for collaborative, end-to-end solutions in manufacturing innovative products. We bring your vision to life, from design to production, ensuring quality and reliability throughout the process.


The Alpha Die Cutting Advantage

At Alpha Die Cutting, we leverage our extensive capabilities and expertise to collaborate with you in crafting top-quality products tailored to your precise needs.

Die Cutting Service

Our state-of-the-art die cutting machines can handle a wide range of materials, such as Metallic Foil, Fabric, Felt, Leather, Cork, Plastic, Rubber, Paper/Card, and Foam.

Innovator and Start-up Support

We provide comprehensive assistance, from product design and technical drawing to sourcing raw materials and first-article.

Optimized Manufacturing

Our goal is to achieve the highest part yield at the lowest cost, along with value-added services like gluing, assembly, and packaging.

Alpha Die Cutting Has 2 Specialist Capabilities

Die Cutting gaskets using all types of Plastic, Rubber and Foam.

  • Gasket manufacturing from large industrial quantities to small demand needs and prototype quantities.
  • Die cutting of flat rubber gaskets and other materials.
  • Gasket cutting from 42” x 29” in size.

Die Cutting Services with custom die cuts by converting different materials into a product using steel rule die cutting

Foam, Rubber, Plastic, Sponge, Paper, Tape, Cork, Leather, Fabric, and Metallic Foil materials.

Industrial Gasket Manufacturing

Alpha Die Cutting has been cutting gaskets in San Diego for over 30 years.

We use steel rule dies to cut a variety of flat rubber gaskets such as Butyl / Buna-N, EPDM, Neoprene, Silicone.

Plastic such as PTFE, ABS, Polycarbonate, Lexan, Mylar.

Foams such as Poron, Silicone.

Engineering and manufacturing companies can send a RFQ with a technical drawing for us to produce a quality precision die cut gasket.

Quality Certified

Alpha Die Cutting holds certifications to AS9100D:2016 and ISO9001:2015, ensuring our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Customer Focus

Our Quality Management System aligns with international quality standards, consistently exceeding customer requirements and expectations.

Improved Service Quality

We aim for right-first-time manufacturing, reduced delivery delays, and optimized unit piece costs.

Issue Resolution

Swift identification and resolution of product quality issues, ensuring safe and reliable die-cut products.

Service Assurance

Our commitment to delivering consistent, fit-for-purpose solutions with continuous review and improvement.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Alpha Die Cutting is dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience, including reliable product delivery and production schedule flexibility.
ISO Certified

Alpha Die Cutting is dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience, including reliable product delivery and production schedule flexibility.


Amber Ross
Amber Ross
I recently had the opportunity to work with Alpha Die Cutting for custom die cut parts for gaskets. The team was prompt and efficient in their services, providing excellent quality and precision in their work. They were attentive to my specific requirements and delivered a product that exceeded my expectations. I was thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail throughout the process. I would definitely consider Alpha Die Cutting for future projects.
Lynn Woods
Lynn Woods
So happy we found Alpha Die Cut Martin is great to work with I recommend highly.
Eric Mariscal
Eric Mariscal
A+ I have been buying from Alpha Die Cutting for several years now. My experience has been amazing. Great communication and fast delivery. Very friendly and attentive to detail.I highly recommend this company.
David van Daalen Wetters
David van Daalen Wetters
The team at Alpha Die Cutting really goes above and beyond to deliver high quality parts at a great price. Martin, the owner of Alpha, is always an email or phone call away and really provides a personal touch to his business. He is extremely knowledgeable in his craft and has provided me with design advice, material recommendations, and the flexibility I need to prototype and iterate quickly. I look forward to continuing to work with Alpha for all our gasket and die cutting needs.Thanks Martin!
Viola Medical
Viola Medical
Very happy to work with this business and staff. Unbeatable delivery time, great communication and consistent quality work.
Labrashark Capoot (Labrashark San Diego)
Labrashark Capoot (Labrashark San Diego)
I am happy to post a 5-star review for Alpha Die Cutting and Martin Chell. I have used other die cutters in the area and Alpha has taken more interest in my product, met or beat their estimated delivery and consistently gave me good parts. As my business grows, I will continue to rely on Alpha Die Cutting.
Fast and easy to work with. Martin will let you know if there is a better way of doing things by suggesting a change in materials or design.
Carter West
Carter West
I've been in precision machining and fabrication for 40+ years. I have owned my own mechanical engineering company since 2006. I have never been so pleased with die cutter in that whole period. I highly recommend Alpha Die cutters. Thanks again Martin! Great service and great communications.
George Williams
George Williams
Martin was great to deal with. very prompt, and excellent quality die cutting. Highly recommended...

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