Gap Pads

Die Cutting Gap Pads

Gap fillers and thermal pads are essential components in the realm of thermal management, each with distinct properties and applications:


Gap Fillers: These soft, thermally conductive pads are akin to a dough-like consistency, designed for precise conformation. They adeptly fill gaps between uneven surfaces and microscopic voids, ensuring optimal thermal transfer and dampening shock. Ideal for applications that demand minimal pressure between components, these versatile materials come in silicone-free options to cater to silicone-sensitive components in various industries.


Thermal Pads: Pre-formed squares or rectangles, these solid materials are often situated beneath heatsinks. Their role is to efficiently conduct heat away from the component being cooled and into the heatsink, reducing interface resistance and offering vibration damping. They are also compatible with automated dispensing equipment.

Supplied by trusted brands like BERGQUIST® (Henkel) and T-Global Technology, Gap Pads come in an extensive product range, with each part number offering specific die-cut manufacturing suitability.

At Alpha Die Cutting we are able to die cut many different types and thicknesses of GAP PAD. Some of the types of GAP PAD we have die cut include the following:

a. Bergquist Gap Pad GP5000S35 at 0.5 MM (0.02”) thickness

b. Bergquist Gap Pad GPVOUS at 4 MM (0.16”) thickness

c. T-Global Technology Gap Pad TGX-150 at 1.5 MM (0.06”) thickness

Exceptional Features of Gap Pads

Gap Pads offer a multitude of features that make them a preferred choice in thermal management:
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Low-Modulus Polymer Material

Crafted from a low-modulus polymer material, Gap Pads ensure flexibility and thermal efficiency.

Reinforced or Non-Reinforced

These versatile pads come in options with fiberglass or rubber carriers for added strength, as well as non-reinforced versions.

Tailored Thermal Characteristics

Special fillers are incorporated to achieve precise thermal and conformability properties, ensuring optimal performance.

Unparalleled Conformity

Gap Pads excel in conforming to irregular and rough surfaces, guaranteeing a snug fit for superior thermal transfer.

Electrical Isolation

They provide electrical isolation, safeguarding sensitive components from unwanted contact.

Natural Tack with Protective Liner

Some variants feature natural tack on one or both sides, protected by a liner, facilitating hassle-free installation.

Varied Thickness and Hardness

Available in a range of thicknesses and hardness levels, allowing customization to suit diverse requirements.

Adhesive or Non-Adhesive

Gap Pads can be acquired with or without adhesive, ensuring flexibility in application and installation methods.

Elevate Thermal Management with Gap Pads

For superior heat dissipation, electrical isolation, and precise conformance, choose Alpha Die Cutting’s Gap Pads. Experience optimal performance and efficiency.