EMI Material Gaskets

Shielding Excellence with Alpha Die Cutting’s EMI Material Gaskets

Our EMI gaskets are crafted from electronically conductive rubber materials, providing unparalleled protection against Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI). These gaskets effectively seal seams and gaps in enclosures, preventing unwanted EMI from escaping or infiltrating sensitive electronics. Similar to Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), EMI can disrupt and degrade electronic signals.

At Alpha Die Cutting, we understand the critical importance of EMI shielding and offer high-performance gaskets that ensure the integrity of your electronic systems. Choose our EMI Material Gaskets to safeguard your devices from the detrimental effects of radiated electromagnetic interference, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Unmatched EMI Shielding Solutions

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The primary objective of EMI shielding is to fortify sensitive equipment and devices against the disruptive impact of EMI and RFI. By establishing a robust electromagnetic shield layer or barrier around vital components, it ensures these systems neither absorb external magnetic interferences nor emit their own, safeguarding their performance and the integrity of adjacent devices.

At Alpha Die Cutting, we recognize the diverse nature of applications, each with its unique demands for corrosion resistance and shielding efficacy. Consequently, we offer an array of conductive elastomer materials, tailored to suit specific requirements. Whether you need high resistance against corrosion or exceptional shielding performance, our comprehensive range of options ensures that your shielding needs are met with precision and reliability. Count on Alpha Die Cutting for EMI shielding solutions that exceed your expectations.

Alpha Die Cutting has used various EMI materials to manufacture gaskets including:


  • Parker-Chometics CHO-SEAL® 1298 series.
  • A silver-aluminum filled elastomer in a fluorosilicone binder Parker-Chometics # 40-20-1020-1298 provides good shielding and corrosion performance. This is a 0.81MM thick conductive silicone elastomer material

Enhance Device Resilience with EMI Material Gaskets

Shield your critical equipment from electromagnetic interference with Alpha Die Cutting’s EMI Material Gaskets. Our expertise in crafting conductive elastomer solutions ensures unparalleled protection. Secure your electronics and ensure optimal performance. Contact us now for precision and reliability you can trust.